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Congregation B’nai Israel has always worked at being a caring community—supportive and helpful to each other in times of need and recognizing each other’s occasions of joy and sorrow. We’re looking volunteers in the following three areas:

  1. Making and delivering food to congregants
  2. Providing rides to congregants
  3. Visiting congregants

If you are willing to be on a list for one of the above activities when a request comes in, please contact Chesed or call at 203-336-1858.

“Chesed” means acts of loving-kindness, goodness, and compassion. Our Chesed Program is one of the ways we strive to create and sustain a sense of community. It provides opportunities for us to interact with each other in accord with this core Jewish value.

Right now we have a need for volunteer drivers. Among other things, Chesed arranges rides to synagogue for members, allowing them to participate in religious services and other congregational events. We maintain a list of potential volunteer drivers; when a request is made, we are usually able to fulfill it but unfortunately, sometimes we cannot. We would like to say “YES” more often.  Can you help us do so?

We need more volunteers for synagogue activities and from the multiple towns in which our members live. Do you even sometimes attend Friday evening services, the Saturday morning minyan, or the monthly 10:45 am Shabbat service? How about adult education classes? Indicating you might be available to provide a ride does not commit you to saying “yes” to any particular request. If and when you are able to help, you will experience that special feeling of enhancing the life of another member of our community.

Please contact Rabbi Evan Schultz,, with any questions and/or to add your name to our list of volunteer drivers. We need you, and ask you to help!

A person who runs to do just, good, and kind deeds attains life, success, and honor” (Proverbs 21:21).

Thank you.

Wendy Hyman, Janet Jurow, Liz Nigrosh, Sam Rosenberg, Jerry Saunders, Rachel Yurdin